As a freelance writer for the last decade and change, I’ve written about a LOT of varied topics: Flooring for senior living spaces, honeybees, college basketball, hip-hop artists– it truly runs the gamut. I enjoy the challenge of writing about things I find interesting, as well as researching subjects that don’t immediately jump out at me and finding a way to make them pop for a client.

creating valuable content

Within my role as Content Director for White Label Studio, I receive plenty of copywriting requests on topics that I wouldn’t have necessarily picked out for myself, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

 More and more, I keep hearing that AI-technology will be the new way content is created for clients and will represent a more affordable form of marketing in the long run. 

While this could very well become a method that companies use for some aspects of their marketing plan, I’m not buying it completely. AI might have me beat in grammar and spelling accuracy, but between spell-check and Grammarly I can still turn in near-flawless copy most of the time. I just refuse to believe that technology can emulate the human touch!

So, Disclaimer: This is in no way a researched piece about AI technology. This blog post contains my personal theories on why the greatest value of content creation will always stay with human creators: 

Personal Backgrounds – When we write, our subconscious and our personal backgrounds always creep in whether we like it or not. I’ve lived in the south my entire life and a little bit of Southern hospitality definitely finds its way into my writing with a certain smoothness and customer service vibe. When I collaborate with clients from hustle-and-bustle cities outside of the South, the projects take on a more direct tone that cuts to the chase and doesn’t waste time! Our respective backgrounds help inform the tone of voice that a client is looking for and helps us identify how to connect with different demographics. This makes the final piece more effective at landing with the intended audience.

Human Error – As humans, we are constantly making mistakes. When we take on home DIY projects, we rarely get it right on the first try. When we mess up, it can cost money, time, cause injury, all of the above. Thus, when we write about these types of projects or other topics, we often write from the perspective of avoiding mistakes and creating the most useful piece of information possible. AI can list directions, materials, best practices, but no piece of technology will ever experience the tragedy of a hammer to the thumb or having to dip into a budget that was meant for a vacation. So long as there are scenarios where humans can mess up, which there will be until the end of time, there will always be an emotional angle that technology will never experience. This is a rare instance where the ability to make mistakes gives us an advantage!

creating valuable content

 Inspiration Makes a Difference – We write better when we are inspired. Does AI ever get inspired? Sometimes when I’m on deadline, it can get difficult trying to be energized and find a spark about a topic that I don’t have a significant connection with. It’s amazing what a quick 10-minute walk with my dog can do for my mood in the middle of the work day. Once a writer can find a little bit of momentum, the words and ideas tend to flow out naturally, and the magic reveals itself within the piece. If auto-writing technology doesn’t find a personal connection that brings out the best, I’m not convinced the final copy can be as moving or persuasive as a writer in a great or angry mood with something to prove.

There are more reasons than just the ones I listed here, but these few just really stuck out to me personally. I’m all for technological advancements and the way they improve our lives, but good writing, the best writing, will always come from the heart. A heart that lives inside a person striving to create something that not only delivers what a client pays for, but hopefully enables the client to do more business and reap the benefits of their marketing investment with our agency!


Tim Rasmussen  |  Content Director at White Label Studio

Tim Rasmussen is multi-talented and holds a true passion for both writing and music, with an impressive background brimming with music accolades and experience writing for leading business brands. Read More >