If you live with any teenagers, like I do, then your summer so far has been full of Moulaga TikTok dance tutorials on repeat and fighting price gouging on boxes of Fruit Rolls Up so the kids can try the viral TikTok Fruit Roll up challenge. That original TikTok video has more than 1.6 million views and the challenge even got a nice write-up in Food and Wine magazine while a bevy of celebrities like Courtney Cox filmed themselves eating hardened fruit roll-ups filled with their ice cream of choice.  And don’t get me started on those Prime drinks that my 9-year-old is obsessed with right now; he’s been hoarding his little collection of rainbow-colored bottles on his windowsill and selecting which color to bring to school each day as if it were an iWatch.

TikTok is not just about the younger generation making and watching silly videos, although this mom may have just spent 45 minutes watching @brookieandjessie’s latest TikTok dance videos so I can practice with my tween and laugh hysterically at @elysemyers’ most recent hijinks. There’s @momtok and @hometok, and I’ve been impressed with @booktok’s viral summer picks and may have pre-ordered Jessica Knoll’s Bright Young Women months ago.

As entertaining as it is, TikTok is also an incredibly powerful short-form video platform that’s reaching younger audiences, directly impacting brand awareness and in many cases, leading to a significant boost in sales. Just ask General Mills!

Here are some TikTok facts:

  • According to Socialinsider’sTikTok stats for 2023, U.S. users between the ages of 25 and 34 make up TikTok’s largest user demographic (19.9%), while 15.1% are aged 35-43.
  • Because its primary users are people born in the last two decades (Gen Z), TikTok’s growth is not going to stop anytime soon.
  • The majority of TikTok creators are female(53.79%) with female users in their teens accounting for 16.4% of TikTok’s active user accounts in the US.
  • According to TikTok for Businesses, 92% of users take action after watching a TikTok video.
  • TikTok has numerous niche influencers and content creators with dedicated followers. Partnering with relevant influencers can amplify your brand messages, increase your brand’s visibility and credibility, and convert to sales.
  • Advertising on this platform is new but no less effective than other social media platforms. The platform offers in-feed ads, brand takeovers, and branded hashtags in a very intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

 How do you know if you should be adding TikTok to your marketing program? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my target audience active on TikTok? Determine if the demographics of TikTok align with your target market.
  • What are my goals and objectives for this platform? Whether it’s driving website traffic, boosting sales, or increasing brand awareness, align your goals with the capabilities of TikTok.
  • Does TikTok fit within my overall marketing strategy? Consider how TikTok aligns with your brand’s images, values, and messaging across all other platforms.
  • What type of content can I create, and do I have the resources? TikTok requires consistent content creation, engagement, and staying up-to-date with trends. Consider whether your products or services lend themselves well to this platform’s shot-form video format to make sure you can offer unique and engaging content. Make sure you have internal staff and resources that can be spent on your TikTok presence.
  • How will I measure success? As with all marketing programs, make sure you determine the metrics and KPIs you will use to evaluate the effectiveness of your TikTok marketing efforts before you get started.

If you’re ready to add TikTok as part of your marketing strategy, here are some tips to get you started:

  • Create an account – join the app and spend some time on it, get a feel for the algorithm while searching relevant hashtags to home in on the followers who would want to purchase your product or services.
  • Set the tone – Start creating and sharing videos that show your company’s creative and humorous side. You should be relatable and trustworthy while also adopting a personal or behind-the-scenes approach.
  • Experiment – TikTok has fewer norms and rules than other social media platforms, try interesting and funny content to see how it performs.
  • Engage – The more you engage, the more your fan base can grow. Engage with your audience through challenges, duets, and interactions.
  • Market your products, creatively – Use tutorials, demonstrations, and how-to content to showcase their best features. Don’t forget to jump on the TikTok trends, which include viral music, soundbites, and challenges.
  • Partnerships – Collaborate with niche micro-influencers who have relevant audiences for effective word-of-mouth marketing. Don’t worry about vanity metrics on this platform, even accounts with smaller followers have had videos go viral. Here, it’s really about quality.

If you’re ready to tap into the immense potential of TikTok to enhance your marketing efforts, reach out to us! Our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way. From helping you create captivating content to connecting you with niche content creators and implementing effective strategies, we’re here to get you started on your TikTok marketing journey. Reach out to us today!


Shira Zwebner   |  VP Digital Marketing at White Label Studio