Many of the world’s most successful leaders have a morning routine. They know a good morning routine sets the tone for your day, helping to increase productivity, lighten your mood, and set you on a path of success for the rest of the day. Even if mornings aren’t your favorite, carving out time to work on your goals and self-development is crucial. The team at White Label Studio is a diverse mix of early-risers, night owls, working moms, busy professionals, and more. We’ve rounded up several of our morning routines to inspire and encourage you to begin your day in a way that sets you up for success! 

Elise, White Label Studio co-founder and CMO

“Before White Label Studio, I drove over an hour to and from work, which meant getting up at 4:45, hitting the gym, and rushing to get dressed and on the road. I don’t miss those days! Now, my mornings are much more relaxed and intentional. With our kids grown, the mornings are peaceful, and I can enjoy my coffee and spend 30 minutes of quiet time with God before cracking open my computer, catching up with my co-founder, Mollie, or jumping on a conference call. I’m not a big breakfast eater, so I usually grab a snack or a big bowl of fruit around 10 – along with another cup of coffee!” 

Mollie Surratt, White Label Studio co-founder and CEO

“My morning routine has been all over the place during the pandemic. To be totally honest, I am not a morning person. I don’t feel fully awake until I’ve had a venti iced almond milk latte from Starbucks.

Each morning at 6 AM, I always begin to wake up and check my email. My co-founder Elise is a late-night e-mailer, so I always want to make sure she doesn’t need an urgent response. Also, Shira is in a different time zone and needs answers and approvals. After an email check, it’s time to wake up the kids and get everyone moving for the day, whether it’s for homeschool or classroom learning. Breakfast, coffee, and lots of grace are always involved. My favorite breakfast is overnight oats or bacon and scrambled eggs. Once I sit down to work and everyone at my house is either off to work/school or working independently, I try to start my workday before 9 AM by reading a devotional. It just gets my heart and mind right for the day ahead. Next, I check our team task list and work on organizing my calendar. Getting organized and focused helps me stay on task throughout the day. By 10 AM, I’ve hit my stride and the productivity is in full force.”

Tim Rasmussen, Content Director 

“I am sure that I am the worst morning person with WLS. I am cranky & silent until I get my coffee, unless we are out of coffee and then I’m really loud. First thing I do is read any notes that my husband leaves behind on his way out the door before 7 AM. That at least always puts a smile on my face. Then I let our little mini doxie pup Major out of his crate, and his boundless energy and enthusiasm make me laugh. I grab my cup of coffee and take Major outside and breath in the morning air. At this point I’m basically ready to read through any messages or emails on my phone and get the day started. But I don’t get showered or brush teeth until after lunch at least- is that bad? “

Hope D’Angelo, Operations Director

“Mornings are my favorite time of the day! I am a new mom so my mornings start pretty early. I begin my day with breakfast and coffee. Then I make my list of tasks for the day and check my inbox. I also spend time reading my Bible and praying over the day. Then I am off to the gym to get my body moving. I shower, get ready and get started on my task list! This helps me focus on what I have to get done for the day and makes my day run much smoother.“

Shira Zwebner, VP Digital Marketing 

“I take five minutes for myself each morning before I get out of bed and face the whirlwind that is packing school lunches, finding matching pairs of socks, feeding the puppy, and making sure my husband and all three kids are ready for school and work. During those five minutes, I say a prayer of thanks to G-d for giving me the gift of another day. Those five minutes ground me and remind me that no matter how hectic my day might turn out to be – and there is a lot going on being a full-time #WFH Mom – just opening my eyes to another day is a blessing.

Whether you wake up ready to tackle the day or need a few cups of coffee before you truly wake up, we hope our morning routines have inspired you! The perfect morning routine is the one that works for you and allows you to be your best self the remainder of your day.”

Savannah Swink, Social Media Manager

“To me the most important step to having a productive morning is having a set wake-up time. Waking up at the same time every work day allows my body to be prepared, and know that it is time to start my day.

My alarm goes off at 7:15 every morning, which probably seems late to most people, but it gives me the perfect amount of time to get ready for my day.

After brushing my teeth and getting dressed in some cute loungewear (whoever invented loungewear is my favorite person), I go into the kitchen to make myself a big cup of coffee and some breakfast.

I’m at my desk by 8 with my coffee and my favorite coworker, my dog, and I’m ready to go!”

Shannon Henrici, SEO Director 

“My father was in pharmaceutical sales and spent a few days each week working from home. I learned my work at home ethic from watching him. He always said it was important to keep the same routine and to act as if I was going into the office. He would get up early, shower, eat breakfast and then disappear into his office with his cup of coffee for several hours. Stop for lunch and finish the day around 5 every day. I admired his dedication to providing for his family both emotionally and financially.

To this day, I stick by his advice. I am up early. I work out most mornings. After my shower, I check my email and read the latest updates in SEO while drinking my tea and eating breakfast. SEO moves quickly, so it is important to keep up. I also check in on the status of my accounts and prioritize what needs to be done for the day. I get as much as I can between the hours of 8 to 5, so I have time to relax and prepare for the next day. 

On the days that my schedule is disrupted, we all know what that is like, I can tell a difference in my productivity and stress level. I try to be gentle with myself and accept the things that I can and cannot do, there is always tomorrow.” 

Whether you wake up bright eyed or need a strong cup of coffee before you can function, taking time to set up a morning routine is so helpful in getting your day started on the right foot. We encourage you to take a moment for yourself andmap out the day ahead so you tackle any tasks that come your way!