Our Story

At White Label Studio, faith is at the core of all we do,

and clients are like family

After working together for six years at Mohawk Industries, Mollie and Elise started their own businesses in 2017. Elise started her own marketing company under the name Emerge Agency, while Mollie launched Mollie Surratt Marketing & Interiors. While they had separate companies, Elise and Mollie found themselves constantly working together to support their clients. It only made sense for them to join forces, and voila White Label Studio was born. They chose the name to reflect their position as “behind the scenes” marketers that help grow and strengthen their clients’ brands. As a team, they share over 45 years of experience in marketing. With expertise in a broad range of areas, Mollie and Elise are a creative duo with complementary passions. Mollie specializes in social media, public relations, and content marketing, while Elise focuses on graphic design, production, and brand strategy. They also partner with a digital marketing team led by Carole Cross to provide clients with industry-leading web design & development services.

For Mollie and Elise, White Label Studio is much more than a business. It is a personal expression of their lives. Strong in their faith, they believe in treating others with kindness, honesty, and integrity. They are committed to providing excellent service, while always treating their team and clients like family. They make giving and service a priority, and they strive to help others both in their personal lives and through their business.

Check out our Giving Back page to learn more about the causes White Label supports.


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Calhoun, Georgia 30701


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