Marketing spans a multitude of services from digital marketing and social media marketing to influencer marketing and inbound strategy. With such a wide variety of needs, it can be difficult to have an expert member on your team in every area. Whether you have a smaller budget or simply don’t need a dedicated employee for every marketing specialization, utilizing a marketing agency can be beneficial in many ways. Our co-founders, Mollie and Elise, both worked with marketing agencies during their time in corporate marketing. This experience helped shape the initial vision of how White Label Studio operates as well as how we have evolved as an agency over the years. They wanted to maintain a small agency feel where clients felt valued and like family, with responsiveness being a top priority. This is just one of several benefits we believe working with a small agency provides. 

Here are a few of the top benefits of working with a small agency.

  1. You know who you are working with. Oftentimes with larger agencies, you as the client may work with one contact initially, who shares information about the agency, services they offer, and how they can specifically help you and your business. You build a relationship with this person and develop trust only to then be shuffled to someone at the agency that may not be able to best serve your needs. At a small agency, you work with a smaller team, and you are often communicating with the intial contact you first met with. This helps communication run smoother and gives you as the client a sense of importance and value throughout your relationship with the agency.
  2. Small agencies have the ability to pivot and tailor their services to your unique needs. Business in general, and especially marketing, can change quickly. While you may have a strategy in place at the start of the year, unforeseen events like a changing economy or new product launches can cause a need to shift and adjust the strategy. Larger agencies are more likely to need to abide by an original contract with little wiggle room, whereas a smaller agency can adjust their services and work within your budget to accommodate your needs. This is a major advantage of working with a small agency!
  1. Small agencies have competitive rates. While a smaller agency may not be the cheapest option every time, they do have less overhead and can therefore pass savings along to clients in the form of lower rates or discounts for larger contracts. You also get great value from smaller agencies because they are resourceful and can provide cost savings with industry discounts and bundles.
  2. A small agency becomes an extension of your core marketing team. Working with a small agency means that your business gets the experience and knowledge of several marketing experts. A small agency ensures that each team member brings unique expertise to their team and in turn, their clients. As a business, you reap the benefits of a lean team because the agency has already sourced top-notch talent. 
  3. You support small businesses. Intrinsically, when you utilize a small agency, you are helping working moms and dads support their families while remaining active in their childrens’ lives, spouses who enjoy utilizing their talents and bringing income in, and members of the community, near and far. Small agencies work hard for your business and they show that by providing you with the best work and service possible. This is good for not on your business, but also the agency team members and their families. 

We could go on and on about the benefits of working with a small agency, but the decision ultimately comes down to what your needs are as a business. When determining if you should hire a marketing agency, its always a good ideas to reach out to a few options and compare how each will best suit your needs. With the benefits of working with a small agency at the top of your mind, ask questions and make the best decision for your unique needs. 
We truly strive to keep our agency small, so client get the small agency feel and benefits. As we continue to grow and expand, we turn back to our roots and the heart behind why White Label Studio was created, to put family first and treat clients like family. If you are interested in learning more about our marketing services and how we can help you meet your business goals, reach out to today! We would love to chat with you virtually over Zoom or in person at our Calhoun office.