We recently had the privilege of attending Haven Conference 2021, a gathering of aspiring and seasoned home decor and DIY bloggers and brands, held in Atlanta, GA. We had the best time meeting influencers that we have worked with in the past as well as meeting potential new influencers for future client collaborations. It was exciting, educational, and truly eye-opening to learn about the future of blogging and influencer marketing. One of our favorite sessions that we attended was “Embracing Beauty and Brokenness in a Pinterest Perfect World.” The session was led by Heidi Marsh of Revive Heart and Home.

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From left to right: Savannah Swink, WLS Social Media Manager, Mollie Surratt, WLS Co-Founder, and Hope D’Angelo, WLS Operations Director

Attending “Embracing Beauty and Brokenness in a Pinterest Perfect World.”

We knew we wanted to attend this session as soon as we saw it on the schedule because as a female-owned business operating in the influencer and blogger world, we are constantly looking through beautifully curated Instagram feeds, stunning blogs and websites, and perfect Pinterest boards that can lead us to believe that these individuals have perfect lives. We also have daughters that are growing up in a very digital world where they are constantly bombarded with this idea of a perfect home, body, and life. We were thrilled to meet up with others to dispel this myth and learn how to embrace the not-so-perfect parts of life.

What is Kintsugi? 

During the session, we learned about Kintsugi. Kintsugi is the art of mending broken pottery with gold and is the rationale for keeping an object around even after it’s broken rather than allowing its service to end at the time of its breakage. It was such a fun activity that required much more patience than we are used to, but the message was beautiful: embrace the brokenness. Instead of hiding the hard parts of life and only sharing the Pinterest Perfect material, we were encouraged to give glimpses into the failed DIY projects, share an embarrassing moment from the day, let people know that it is okay to feel uninspired or have a dirty kitchen.

Benefits of Sharing the Beauty and Brokenness 

Social media can be such an amazing tool that allows people to connect and engage like never before. However, we only see a snapshot of someone’s life and that person usually chooses to show the more put-together parts. Heidi encouraged us to share the raw and messy parts as well and to celebrate them as a beautiful part of a full life. Not only does it make us more relatable, but in the case of influencers and bloggers, it can actually attract people to your blog or social media account. It helps paint a more complete picture of all that goes on behind the scenes and people enjoy seeing those vulnerable moments.

How to Start Being More Vulnerable on Social Media 

So, what are some practical ways that you can start embracing the beauty and brokenness in your own life?

  • Share the cute photos (but also share the outtakes!) You can still post your beautiful kitchen but snap a photo on a normal day after the hustle of getting the kids out the door for school, complete with dirty dishes, a few toys scattered around, and the spilled milk. This is also true for brands. Don’t be afraid to share behind the scenes what all goes into getting the perfect shot. 
  • Support others when they share their brokenness. One of the scariest things about being vulnerable is the fear of what people will think of you. Instead of criticizing someone when they share a struggle they have with their body or when they are having a hard parenting day, encourage and support them! A simple “You are doing great, and I am cheering you on!” is perfect.
  • Unfollow if you need to – This is a big one. You can still support someone but also set boundaries. If you follow an influencer who shares perfect photos all of the time, and it is compromising your mental health, it is okay to unfollow. The same is true for friends and family. We are all going through different seasons of life and some things are triggers. If you need to step away from an account to give your heart a break, simply unfollow. You can always reconnect once you are ready.

We loved this message so much, and we are thrilled that it is being shared with so many influential people. We have the power to change the way the next generation sees themselves if we can share the not-so-glamorous and embrace our brokenness. Do you enjoy seeing influencers (and friends and family members) sharing more real-life moments? What has someone shared recently that resonated with you? Be sure to let them know that you appreciate their vulnerability. 


The WLS Team!