Styling Your Online Meeting Space

With so many of us now participating in online meetings due to COVID-19, our colleagues and co-workers are seeing much more of our home office spaces. While this is convenient in so many ways, it also puts our work-from-home space on full display. This may have you questioning if your home office is video conference ready and what you can do if it is not. With a few simple styling tips, you can easily transform your space to foster a positive work environment and communicate professionalism to those on your call.

Dress for Success: While it may be tempting to only dress your top half for an online meeting, several unfortunate incidents have shown, you never know when your bottom half may show. Plus, staying in your routine of showering, grooming, and getting dressed completely will keep you in the mindset that you are at work. Bonus: Complete your high-style outfit with the perfect pair of pumps. Even though they are almost certain to not be seen, the confidence they will elicit is sure to shine through on your video call!

Natural Light: Lighting can make all the difference in creating the perfect work environment and increasing your productivity. Poor lighting can cause shadows on video calls that make you appear distorted. A dimly lit room is also a sure way to cause drowsiness throughout the day. If possible, it is best to have natural light coming in on your face to make you appear more alert and put together. Try to position your desk so you are facing a light source (like a window) from a front angle. If that is not an option, you can also purchase a lighting kit to get the same desired effect. 

Simple, Clean Background: A distracting background can detract from all of your other efforts. A fan spinning in the background will easily become the focus of attention for everyone on your call and distract from the great information that you are presenting. Aim for a neutral wall with a gorgeous piece of artwork as your backdrop. Background noise is equally distracting so, if possible, select a space where you can shut the door and block out any outside noise. 

While we are all uncertain on what the future holds, online meetings are definitely a trend that it seems will be around for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, set yourself up for success with your future online meetings by taking the time to create a home office space that inspires you and communicates to your co-workers and customers that you are still committed to providing the highest level of service.