Cause Marketing is becoming an integral part of a company’s reputation and can affect potential customer decision making. What exactly is Cause Marketing? It is defined as a type of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in which a company’s promotional campaign has the dual purpose of increasing profitability while bettering society. Plainly stated, it is marketing that occurs when a company does well by doing good. 

Why is Cause Marketing important for brands and businesses? It gives customers insight into the brand and what they care about. This helps a brand create a personality that goes beyond the products and services that it offers. In today’s marketplace, consumers are just as interested in who a brand is and what they believe in, as they are in their products or service quality. More importantly, Cause Marketing allows a company to share what they are passionate about. This boosts employee morale and unites a brand behind a shared goal. Whether the cause is directly related to the business, like sustainability for a flooring manufacturer, or completely separate, like donating a percentage of sales to an animal shelter, the passion behind the cause is what is most important. 

White Label Studio was created as a way for our founders, Mollie Surratt and Elise Demoski, to combine their creative talents and provide their clients with exceptional service as a small, boutique agency. They also wanted to make sure White Label Studio was a platform for them to give back and raise awareness for what they are passionate about. Two causes that are close to their hearts are the P.U.L.L. Movement and Life Changers Legacy. 

P.U.L.L. is an organization committed to continuing the dialogue around cultural inclusion. Their mission is to dispel the myths surrounding race. The goal is to educate that we are one human race. Mollie and Elise believe in diversity and, most importantly, inclusion. Every contractor and client at White Label Studio is family and deserves a seat at the table. This is why the agency is now P.U.L.L. Certified. P.U.L.L.’s mission is to establish a medium of conversation within communities to dispel the myths surrounding race, while simultaneously continuing to ensure that every human has absolute unity, life, and liberty. To learn more or to take the P.U.L.L. pledge, visit

LifeChangers Legacy (LCL) is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a successful restorative re-entry process for incarcerated and previously incarcerated individuals. LCL equips mentors to help break the cycle of addictions, reduce recidivism, and help restore individuals from incarceration back into society. To learn more about this life-changing cause, visit

These are just a few of our favorite organizations whose mission we believe in and support. It’s important as a business-owner or employee to research different organizations and get involved with them to find out what you are passionate about. Once you find the right fit, volunteer your time or financial support and advocate. Tell others why you are passionate about the organization you support and inform them. Cause Marketing is more than a scheme to increase sales. It is a way to give back and better the communities we work and live in.