A marketing agency is defined as a business responsible for research, analysis, strategy, branding, and promotion of products or services, but a marketing agency is much more than just the services that it provides to clients. It is a group of people with diverse skill sets who come together to create amazing results for large and small businesses that elevate them to the next level. The culture of the agency and how team members are treated says much more than just analytics and results alone. 

Agency culture begins at the top with leadership. Team members feel empowered to take chances and be creative when they know they will be supported and encouraged. When asked what his favorite part about working at White Label Studio was, team member and Content King, Tim Rasmussen, responded, 

“I would say the empowerment that starts at the top with Mollie and Elise. We are each given projects that are geared towards our strengths, which already sets us up to do great work. We are given flexibility in work schedules, are always encouraged to ask for direction if needed, and we brainstorm together on conference calls. Every team member is very supportive and eager to help each other out. There’s a current of positivity that flows through the entire team. You feel encouraged and supported, you are eager to help others, and as a result, the work is less stressful and just comes out better!” 

After working together for six years at Mohawk Industries, White Label Studio co-founders, Mollie and Elise, started their own businesses in 2017. While they had separate companies, Elise and Mollie found themselves constantly working together to support their clients, so they joined forces and White Label Studio was born. As a team, they share over 45 years of experience in marketing. 

“When co-founder Elise Demboski and I started White Label Studio, we had a dream to create a small boutique agency that delivered big results for our clients. Although we’ve grown beyond my wildest dreams, I love that I get to work with my favorite people everyday from both a colleague and client perspective. We have a very supportive culture. I also love that White Label Studio puts faith and family first. We encourage all of our team members to build their own schedules and make family a priority.” – Mollie Surratt, WLS Co-Founder.

The success of a marketing agency truly comes from the talent of its members. Having a robust set of skills and collaboration is what drives innovation and leads to results. White Label Studio Digital Marketing Expert, Shira Zwebner, shared why she loves working alongside a diverse team.

“I love the diversity of experience that the team at White Label Studio brings to our clients, and I look forward to mining all these brilliant minds during our team meetings.  Our brainstorm sessions are so valuable! There is such a wealth of knowledge and experience at White Label Studio, from Elise’s strategic planning to Mollie’s incredible creativity. We have a great time planning and executing on behalf of all our brands.”

Passion for the work must also be present for the best outcomes. The phrase, “choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” is true to an extent, but when true passion is present, the work you do will intertwine itself into your life. When team members feel the work they are doing is meaningful, and they feel supported in their personal lives, the motivation is there to work hard for clients and strive for the best. 

“I love so much about working at WLS from the amazing and talented people to the fun and diverse projects that we get to work on. I truly believe who you work with makes all the difference and the people at White Label Studio are some of the best! Mollie and Elise have such vision and passion while also caring about each of us as individuals. The work that we do is meaningful and it helps our clients grow their businesses and brands, which is inspiring to be a part of.” – Hope D’Angelo, Operations Director.

Finding the right fit is much more than just finding a good field. It’s looking forward to every day, producing work that you take pride in, and having people to share and celebrate with. We are thankful at White Label Studio to have a culture that promotes creativity, encourages our team members, and supports them in their professional and personal lives. It is this culture, we believe, that allows us to foster meaningful relationships with our clients and provide them with exceptional results for their business.